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Safety Tips

Craft Collision Center wants you to be safe on the road! To help you be better prepared we encourage you to take a moment and watch these great Safety Tips videos.

Texting and Driving

Deer Avoidance Tips

Though beautiful to look at, we all know that deer can sometimes be a nuisance!

Deer are never to be taken lightly when you are on the road, and to help you be more cautious, Craft Collision Center has some "Deer Avoidance Tips" to make your travel time safer:


Deer Avoidance Tip #1 - If you see one deer...

Deer Avoidance Tip #2 - Collisions are most likely...

Deer Avoidance Tip #3 - Don't rely on...

Deer Avoidance Tip #4 - Never do this!

Deer Avoidance Tip #5 - Two sure ways to avoid hitting them...

Deer Crossing Sign

Stay Alert! You may not always

see them, but they're out there!!


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